Tewksbury Public Library Community Garden

Photo of large patch of garden showing healthy plant "creeping" out of garden areaOverview
The aim of the Tewksbury Library Community Garden is to transform the resources we have, unused land and knowledge, into an educational and community service opportunity open to all members of the community.

The Tewksbury Public Library Community Garden is a place where people of all ages and backgrounds can learn about growing and harvesting food, volunteerism, composting, maintaining open spaces, and what it means to develop a sense of stewardship for the community at large. Additionally, the garden serves as an active partner with the Tewksbury Food Pantry by providing the Pantry with freshly grown, organic produce. The Tewksbury Public Library Community Garden aims to provide resources, programming, and materials to support this dual mission. Gardening here is open to gardeners of all levels of experience.

Individual non-communal plots are available to Tewksbury Public Library Card holders on a first come, first served basis.

  • Individuals with a non-communal plot are free to plant almost any vegetable, fruit, or flower they would like (prohibitions and recommendations are listed with the plot application).
  • All non-communal plots are maintained exclusively by the families or individuals who “own” those plots for the growing season.
  • Non-communal plot holders are required to volunteer time weekly in maintaining the communal plots throughout the growing season.

Communal plots are maintained collectively by a group of dedicated volunteers and with the participation of non-communal individual plot holders. All food harvested from the communal plots is either delivered to the Tewksbury Food Pantry or sold at the Tewksbury Farmer's Market or at the Library on a weekly basis. All volunteers are supervised by the Garden Managers and overseen by a library staff member. 

Smiling woman wearing sunhat - crouching in garden to tend to what's growing there.More Information

Visit our photo album to see pictures of our progress!

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