Museum Passes

Reserve a pass for the date you will use it. Passes may be reserved up to 14-days in advance.

  • Returnable Passes may be picked up 1 day in advance, are due the day after the reservation and will be fined at $10.00 per day if late. They may be returned in the overnight book drop. A lost pass will result in a replacement charge on your library card account. 
  • Coupon passes may be picked up 1 week in advance, and do not need to be returned.

Passes MUST be picked up by 11:00AM on the day the pass is to be used, or before closing on Saturday for a Sunday pass (the library is closed until 1 p.m. on Sundays). (When summer hours are in effect all weekend passes must be picked up by 11:00AM on Friday.) If the museum pass is not picked up by 11:00AM, it will be released for use by another family. Click HERE for Library hours.

IMPORTANT: Passes are limited to one pass per household per day with a two pass limit per household per week (Monday-Sunday), except during school vacations and Summer when 1 pass is allowed per week (Monday – Sunday). The MA Parks Pass is limited year round to one pass in a 10-day window.

Please be aware that if more than the allotted number of passes are reserved by any one household in a 7-day window (Monday-Sunday), the first reservation will be retained but all others will be canceled. If you need help canceling an existing pass reservation, please call us at 978-640-4490, ext. 202. Failure to pick-up two or more passes in a 30-day window may result in suspension from requesting museum passes for 30-days.

Tewksbury residents save with reduced-price passes to museums and local attractions! These passes are purchased using funding from the State Aid to Public Library Program through the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners (MBLC). For more information on this program and how your tax dollars work to support public libraries across the state, please click here.

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