Library Gifts Policy

The Tewksbury Public Library recognizes the potential value that donations can add to the Library's collections. Gifts to the Library can be in the form of money or actual materials.

Gifts to the Library are evaluated according to the same selection criteria as all Library materials, regardless of the means of acquisition. These criteria include the condition of the material, the suitability of the format, and user demand. Please refer to the General Selection Criteria section for the complete list of criteria considered when adding materials to the Library collection.

Donated materials may be added to the collection or discarded, at the sole discretion of the Tewksbury Public Library. While any staff member may receive donations, the Library Director and/or the professional librarians will make the final decision as to whether donated materials are accessioned into the collection. All or part of a donation may be kept or discarded.

Once an item has been donated it is the property of the Library and is subject to the same processing, usage and disposal criteria as all Library materials. Upon requests the Library can acknowledge receipt of donated items, but does not keep records of the disposition of donated materials.

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