Changes to the Non-Fiction Section

changes to non-fiction

Our Adult Non-Fiction section is in the process of getting a makeover. We are making the collection easier to browse and find what you want. 

No More Numbers!
The library is transitioning from the number based Dewey Decimal System to a system that allows us to choose how to group similar topics together and then puts them in order alphabetically under the topic. For example, in the Dewey Decimal System, books about politics and the government are cataloged in the 300s and U.S. history is in the 900s. Under our new system, now politics, government and history can all be shelved near one another.

Look for Colors and the ABCs
As we group similar topics together, the sections will each be assigned a COLOR. When you look for those books on politics, you will look for the Non-Fiction Blue section. All of the books in that section will have a blue dot on the spine and the section will have signs all in blue. 

Under each topic, we have more categories that are in alphabetical order. For example, HISTORY runs from Africa to World History. 
If we have several books on topic, we may have yet another category to group those together. For example, under Exploration there is a category called Antarctic to group together all of our titles about that topic. The call number is HISTORY/Exploration/Antarctic. 

How Will I Find My Books Now?
If you look up a book on what happened in Iwo Jima during World War II in the catalog, you might now see the call number look like this:
WAR / WWII / Pacific Theater  and under Location it will read Non-Fiction Blue.

Now to find that on the shelf. (Remember, you can always ask a staff member for help!)
Watch the helpful video at the bottom of this page (or click here to go to YouTube) or read on for directions.

First, location, location, location! 
The location was listed as Non-Fiction Blue. If you are looking down the rows of shelves of non-fiction, you will be able to see the rows that have blue signage. Head there (or just ask a handy staff member for help in guiding you).
Each location has certain topics under it. For example, Non-Fiction Blue includes: Government, Politics, Genealogy, History and War.

Find your main topic
The main (first) topic of your call number is WAR, so you will be able to see colored divider signs labeling the shelves. One will be labeled WAR.

Find your second topic
Under the topic of WAR, all of the wars and conflicts are listed under the location or name of the conflict in alphabetical order. For instance, first is WAR/Afghanistan and then the categories after that will continue from A to Z. In this case, World War II is your second topic. Follow the alphabetical call numbers until you get to World War II. There are plenty of labeled dividers to help you find the right section.

Find your next topic, if necessary
You've found World War II, now look at your call number to see if there are any additional topics to it. In our example, Pacific Theater is the next part of the call number. That topic will be in alphabetical order under the topic of World War II. (Again, look for labeled dividers to help you). Presto! You've found your book!

Will there be maps of what's in each colored section? Absolutely! 

When is this happening?
It's going on now! We've got thousands of books to change over to the new call numbers, so this is going to take many months. Currently, our Non-Fiction Blue section is well under way. 

How to Find Non-Fiction Books