Printing Services

The library remains closed due to COVID-19, however we are currently offering printing services from home via our printing software Princh.

There are currently no scanning, photocopying or faxing services available.

How to Send a Print Job:
  • Print jobs can be sent via your home computer, laptop or mobile device.
  • To print from home, click THESE INSTRUCTIONS and follow the directions for either laptop or mobile device/tablet.
  • Print jobs can be paid for with credit, debit or PayPal
  • WRITE DOWN THE 4 DIGIT CODE YOU RECEIVE AFTER SENDING THE PRINT JOB. This will be needed for the job to be printed at the library.

Please note:

  • Laptop instructions will also work for your desktop computer.
  • If you using a mobile device, the item to be printed needs to be downloaded onto the device first.
  • Downloading the Princh app is free

Printer IDs:

  • Black and white printer ID: 101814
  • Color printer ID: 101813

Cost: You can pay via Princh by credit or debit card, or with PayPal. 

  • 0.15 cents per page for black and white 
  • 0.30 cents per page for color 

PLEASE NOTE: Print jobs expire 8 hours after the job is sent to the printer. They cannot be recovered after that time. Payment is only processed after a print job has been released from the printer.

Curbside Pick Up of Print Jobs:  
  • After sending your print job, please contact the library by calling 978-640-4490 x207 or by emailing [email protected]. Print jobs cannot be processed until you have communicated with library staff.
  • Staff will need the 4 digit code that Princh assigned your print job to be able to release it.
  • Staff will print your documents and schedule a time when they will be available on the Curbside Pick Up cart outside of the front doors of the building. This service is available the same hours of Curbside Pick Up for materials. 
If you need further assistance, feel free to contact our Information and Technology Librarian, Siobhan Robinson, at [email protected] or 978-640-4490 x283