2018 Teen Summer Challenge

The Teen Summer Challenge is a way to help you discover new books, activities, content, and events over the summer! The goal is to have fun and keep your summer intPlaylist Log Exampleeresting. If you aren't having fun then try a different challenge, take a break from the challenges, or stop. The theme of this year's challenge is Libraries Rock! 

How do I participate?

Anyone entering grades 6 through grades 12 who will be using the Tewksbury Public Library as their primary library during the summer can participate in the Summer Challange. You sign up at the library by filling out a registration form and collecting your challenge log. This form gives us the information we need to contact you if you win any of the grand prizes or guess the number of Starbursts in the Guessing jar. You will be creating your own playlist to log the different challenges you complete. Click here to download a copy of the 3 playlist logs. You will receive a raffle ticket for each challenge completed. If you complete 5 challenges, you can design your own guitar pick. If you complete 10 challenges then you will receive a lanyard. Once you have completed 20 challenges you will get a VIP pass for $5 in fine forgiveness. You can earn as many guitar picks and raffles tickets as you want between June 25 and August 10. Click here for an example of what a filled out log should look like.

What are the challenges?

There are many options for challenges. Some challenges you can repeat and others are on time challenges. Examples of repeat challenges include reading a book, listening to a new podcast, writing a song, watching a documentary, creating art for the Teen Art Board, and Volunteering 2 hours of your time. One time challenges include attending the summer kickoff party, learning a new instrument, attending the Ready Player One Movie Night, Come to Cupcakes and Musical Bingo Night, Guess the number of Starbursts in the Guessing Jar, Come to the Henna Tattoo program, read a nonfiction book about music, read a biography or memoir about a musician, read a fiction book featuring music or watch a musical. Keep in mind that there is no double dipping this year. A book or activity counts as one challenge. 

What are the Prizes?

This year's prizes are an iPad, Makala Soprano Ukulele kit, and a $50 gift card to Showcase cinema. You choose whether to put all your raffle tickets into one prize or distribute them into each prize box. Prizes will be drawn the week of August 12 so make sure you have all of your raffle tickets in by August 10! Else you might miss out on one of the big prizes!


Can I use my school required summer reading for the Summer Challenge?

YES! As long as you did the reading during the time of the Summer Challenge then it counts.

Can I count books I read before the start of the Summer Challenge?

Only if you are less than halfway through. 

Do I have to live in Tewksbury to participate?

No, but Tewksbury Public Library needs to be the main library you will be using throughout the summer.

What if I'm going away for most of the summer?

Talk to Aimee or Maria and we will figure out you can best participate. Many of the challenges do not depend on you being around the entire summer.