Children's Book Lists

Book Lists for Babies, Toddlers & Preschoolers

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Great Books for Babies

Babies love books that are simple, colorful and fun. Books featuring learning body parts, songs, animals, making fun noises and nursery rhymes are especially popular.

Toddler Favorites

Toddlers are able to listen longer than babies can to a story. They also love to be interactive with a book! You don't need to follow the actual story. Feel free to talk about whatever interests your child if they point to something on a page.

Favorite Read Alouds

The older your child gets, the more able they will be to listen to a longer and more complex story. This list is full of our favorite stories to read out loud to ages 2 to 6.

New Baby in the House

A list of books to help those new big brothers and sisters ger ready for the new addition. These titles deal with everything from jealousy to how to help out with the baby.

Chapter Book Lists for Older Readers

2nd & 3rd Grade Chapter Books

Once you're ready to move on from Easy Readers, these are good first steps into longer chapter books. Generally, these have easier vocabulary and often still have pictures sprinkled throughout.

Fantasy Book List

Fantasies are adventures that may feature any of the following (but aren't limited to this list): magic, magical creatures or monsters, an imaginary land, a quest, unexplained occurrences.

Historical Fiction

Historical fiction are stories based on real events and people in history. The historical events are real, but usually the main characters and the story is not.

Mystery and Suspense Stories

Mysteries usually include searching for clues to solve a crime or find something. Suspense stories are a little bit scary, often including ghosts or other paranormal activity.

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